Back to the Truth

Posting for my friend, Lisa Lewis, again:
Back to the truth His word and prayer is where God will meet us. I pray this bless you.
Militant church. Let us the church understand the times. Weeper and warriors for souls forgive me God I repent let me be in the place you want me and us to be in your Kingdom for this season put me put us back in place God.
Give us your passion again. Set us your leaders pastors bishops preacher teachers evangelist prophets ministers on fire fill us with your spirit put us back between the porch and the altar. Let us go forth in the power of the Holy Ghost we expect souls to be saved people to be healed and your ministry with signs following Give the living water .
Let us do nothing without you God.
Watch “”Weepers And Warriors” Vesta Mangun BOTT 2005″ on YouTube
Watch “Women Warriors are Dangerous Warriors | Vesta Mangun” on YouTube
Mrs. Lisa Lewis
Kingdom Come Restoration Ministries
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Preview YouTube video “Weepers And Warriors” Vesta Mangun BOTT 2005

“Weepers And Warriors” Vesta Mangun BOTT 2005

Preview YouTube video Women Warriors are Dangerous Warriors | Vesta Mangun

Women Warriors are Dangerous Warriors | Vesta Mangun

A Light to the Gentiles

Light to the Gentiles

People check out this friend’s place of Worship   Burn 24/7 Church in Lakeland, Florida for Love of Christ, Events, Teaching and Holy Spirit Fire !  Part of the greater Burn 24/7 movement.


Burn 24/7 website

Burn 24-7 is a movement

of burning hearts all across the globe returning back to their first love and then taking that love to nations. Our core is communities unifying around the Presence of God for “burns” consisting of 12 to 100 hours of nonstop of worship and prayer at least once per month.

You’ll Be Surprised

Doing Tai Chi with the seniors at the adult day care center, a guest who was new to it asked, “What’s that gonna do?”  I told him, “you’ll be surprised,” knowing how Tai Chi is known to greatly improve one’s health.  Many years ago I offered to pray for a man involved in a minor traffic accident.  He was shaking and agitated with his two small sons in tow and concerned that he’d be formerly charged.  He gladly agreed to prayer and became calm.  Some onlookers though smirked to each other like, “what’s that gonna do?”   Jesus says in Mark 5:36, “As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.”
Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest, August 28, said, “Prayer is not a matter of changing things externally, but one of working miracles in a person’s inner nature.”

Father, help Your people believe You and Your tremendous power and love.  You never stop surprising me, but You’re just true to Your word.

I Look To You, Jesus

Thank You, Lord Jesus, You give me hope.  When my confidence wavered through the night, I woke up needing You all the more.  I went straight to Your word.  A song, “My Redeemer Lives”, by Nicole C. Mullin, comes to mind.  Our time together in the morning is now joyful because You Live.

You are alive and everything Your word says that You are is true, You came to give us “life, more abundantly,” John 10:10.

You’re our Friend (John 15:14).  You’ll never leave us comfortless, (John 14:18).