The Threshing Floor

Luke 22:23, “Then they began to question among themselves, which of them it was who would do this thing.”  (betrayal of Jesus)

John 4:39 “He told me all that I ever did.”

(Samaritan woman at the well)

“I’ve made mistakes” a minister friend told me once. When you have humbled yourself on the threshing floor, you know the pain, sorrow, redemption, forgiveness, revelation, then joy that’s behind that simple statement.


I stopped fixing grammatical errors in the blog when I remembered that the Amish purposely leave in a mistake when making a blanket.  Let’s stay humble, before someone else points out our mistakes, when we thought we didn’t make any.  Even Jesus didn’t say He was perfect!, “Only God is good,”(Luke 18:19).  Though we are to imitate Christ, says Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1.

Amy, a morning DJ on K-Love Radio, said how her husband wrote her a poem when they were dating.  It is still hanging on their wall complete with spelling errors.  When she said to him, she’d like to correct the spelling, he said, “no way”.  Don’t you agree, what’s more important?

You, Lord, make all things new!