Father Jesus

“A Father to the fatherless,” Psalm 68:5. I AM your Nurturer, “I’ll not forget you,” says God in Isaiah 49:15.  “Co-heirs with Jesus, with the Spirit of adoption, we cry out Abba, Daddy,” Romans 8:15, 17.

Without a word, the man lifts up the heavy carrier from my hand in the supermarket express line and placed it on his cart.  He motioned to me as if it pained him to see me hold it.  Though I don’t mind waiting, I’m in awe of God’s gentleness shown in men like him.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your fatherly ways to us.

A Real Gentleman

*Describe when Father God was a gentleman in your life.

Thank You Father for showing us what a *real gentleman is.  You “stand at the door and knock,” says Jesus in Revelation 4.  You never impose on us for Your will to be done.  You ask us.  Jesus, You say, “Come to Me,” in Matthew 11:28.

When we choose to believe You and choose to obey Your commands, we’re welcomed into Your family as co-heirs of the kingdom.  Jesus says, “Follow Me.” You say we’re Your friends if we do what You command us to do” (John 15:14).

Your gentleness has made me great: (Psalm 18:35).