It hurts. You thought you did everything right to get here.  Or you trusted that person.  Now you’re out in the cold, you’re surprised.

You’re not going down that road again.  And they feel that they’re in the right.

King David didn’t retaliate when he was being cursed at by a relative of Saul, during Absolom’s takeover of the kingdom.  David said maybe God orchestrated the cursing.  His key concern was keeping his family safe from harm in 2 Samuel 16.

When I was rejected, there wasn’t anything I could do to change their mind or the outcome, except pray and remember God’s word.  This Bible passage comforted me, knowing God loves me and my rejecter, and has a plan for my life.  David was so confident in God, even during this hardship.  David does get the kingdom back.

Jesus tells us to pray …for…everyone… and when I did, God showed me a more excellent way.  Also Job prayed for his friends and was rewarded in Job 42:10.

Dear Father God, please help the people in California, bring safety and peace to the residents and firefighters and comfort the families who lost their loved ones, in Jesus’ Name.

I Look To You, Jesus

Thank You, Lord Jesus, You give me hope.  When my confidence wavered through the night, I woke up needing You all the more.  I went straight to Your word.  A song, “My Redeemer Lives”, by Nicole C. Mullin, comes to mind.  Our time together in the morning is now joyful because You Live.

You are alive and everything Your word says that You are is true, You came to give us “life, more abundantly,” John 10:10.

You’re our Friend (John 15:14).  You’ll never leave us comfortless, (John 14:18).