Loves His Own Soul – Boundaries

Proverbs 19:8,16, “He who gets wisdom loves his own soulhe who keeps understanding will find good.”

He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul, But he who is careless of his ways will die.”

God stresses our care of our souls because it’s the part of us that is eternal. When our bodies die, our soul goes either to Lord Jesus for eternal life or to eternal death sans God. We can choose.

Like the cold of snow in time of harvest is a faithful messenger to those who send him, for he refreshes the soul of his masters.” Proverbs 25:13

Do you not fear Me?’ says the Lord‘Will you not tremble at My presence, Who have placed the sand as the bound of the seaby a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass beyond it? And though its waves toss to and fro, yet they cannot prevail; though they roar, yet they cannot pass over it.” Jeremiah 5:22

“You set a boundary they cannot cross; never again will they cover the earth.” Psalm 104:9 (NIV)

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