It’s the Little Things

The little things that God does means so much.  And it’s the little things we do for Him He notices; as remembering & performing your promises to Him.

It’s everytime you tell somebody about the Lord, everytime you remember Him, remember His word, hold your tongue when you believe you’re right, when you do something you don’t want to do for another without complaining, and when you clear your calendar for time alone with Him, hanging with God, the Father & Jesus.  When you make up with that friend, or be nice to someone who’s not your favorite.

Be a love-slave to God (Oswald Chambers).

Heavenly Father, I pray for all to know You in that secret way You answer unspoken prayer, and they’ll know that they know only You has done this and loves them with an eternal love.  We read Your word and have been witnessed to, only it was a secret thing You did that made You real to us.


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