You Shall Live, by Reinard Bonnke, Evangelist

Bible-Poem by Reinhard Bonnke – June 24, 2018

God spoke “‘I saw you in your blood, and said ‘You shall live!’”
I just could move my lips as much as my consent to give.
The Holy Spirit came on me; and Jesus saved me mightily.
Hell let me go, Christ took me in; I now run this race for a crown to win.
Ezekiel 16,6
My wasted life and arrogance, I threw it into Jesus’ hands.
I had enough of sin, of binding chains and fears within.
As life oozed out I couldn’t pray, but He did say “You shall live anyway!”
Christ wouldn’t give me up despite my provocation, but shed His blood for my salvation.
Hosea 11,8
When I sank I needed more than therapy; I needed rescue and recovery.
Then Jesus came, but not to calm me down, for I already was about to drown.
His nail-pierced hands reached through the storm, wrapping around my torso.
Christ looked at me with love and said, “Because I live, you shall live also.”

John 14,19

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke – Official Page:

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