Dad, I Love You

Dear Lord, thank You, thank You that You’ve brought me to this fairy wonderland, it’s so beautiful.  Dear Lord, every shade of green, everytime I go outside it smells of flowers, so sweet, the birds seem to relish in the beauty as well, spinning & flying thru the air.  Everyday is beautiful because it’s June, it’s Your created beauty, it’s like heaven…

I enjoy, I relish Your beauty, the colors and smells of the flowers, wild roses, dandelions…and trees & sky, the grass, the temperature is perfect!  Just simply heavenly!  When I look & dwell on You & Your perfection, I’m in awe, I throw my cares down & raise my banner of love and eyes to You.  O Lord thank You again for my new place, I don’t even care how You did it.  I can’t believe I’m here in this cradle of beauty & love.  Thank You Father, I hear You loud & clear, thank You for Your sweet fellowship, Dad I love You.


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