City of Refuge


It´s not too late to sign up a group from your local church or organization to visit Ciudad Refugio in 2018.  Contact us at for more information.

We are gearing up for the Ciudad Refugio annual summer missions spree.  In April, May and June we received teams from Christ for the Nations in Medellin, United Life Academy and Adventures in Missions as well as a group of chiropractors who came to attend individuals in Medellin, local prisons and the Manantiales community.  In the coming Summer months we will receive additional teams from churches in Florida and Puerto Rico. We will be receiving a group of 20 chiropractors in June coming to bless more than 2,000 individuals in Medellin.  We are also looking forward to individual volunteers coming to serve from Summit International School of Ministry and Asbury Seminary.




After nearly two years of praying, waiting, petitioning and document filing we have been given the Visto Bueno (government approval) for our new building project.  This is a major victory!!  We are now in the final layer of the approval process which will be completed in less than three months.  We are projecting project demolition in early fall, 2018.  Thank you for continuing to pray with us!

GERMAN VOLUNTEERS   Ciudad Refugio will be saying goodbye to our current group of German volunteers who will be returning to Germany in July after completing their year of volunteerism.  Thank you Celia, Lydia and Daniel for your service!  Following close behind them is a group of 7 Colombian volunteers from a variety of churches and Christian organizations in Colombia that Ciudad Refugio is training to send to Germany to serve for a year in social service projects working with refugees, children and the elderly.

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