Matthew 6:4b, “Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

He asked me where the coffee filters were and I said “the drawer” while pointing to it, he then yelled over to his friend, “I found them!”
My lost earring on the counter this morning! Hooray! missing for 3 months, thought it was long gone.  I didn’t find it, someone found it and put it there.

5/14, My friends were looking for her keys for an hour, she asked me
to pray, I said “Father thank You that You know where the keys are and
thank You for Your peace and for directing us to them because we know
they’re plain site.” I went downstairs with her and she showed me the
emptied bag of potpourri in searching for them. We continued looking
along the wall shelf, I lifted a piece of brown wrapping paper and
there they were! “I found them!” I yelled. We hugged in joy and we went
upstairs to tell the others. She said God answered my prayer.  It was really Him all along in each instance.

Some years ago a friend who frequently hears the Lord had been frantically searching for something of importance that he knew was inside his house.  His explanation to me of simply knowing the Lord knows all and could and would tell him where to locate the lost CD boosted my faith.

The dark and light are alike to You, Psalm 139.

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