His voice in little things & He’ll give you more & more.  You don’t see fruit right away.  Ok, God, You hinted for me to go to the deli for a roll with butter before work.  When I did, the woman who sits next to me during Sunday Bible study faced me.  We joyfully and surprisingly greeted each other.  It encouraged me to see a fellow believer.  Only He knows the full impact in us and those around us from everything we obey.

God’s working miracles for a friend right now in her store.  It’s special for me just when He prompted me to go to the thrift store and I found all those classical music cd’s at a time that I couldn’t get it on the radio.

I regret not listening to You when You told me to visit that man in the hospital.  I told You my lame excuse.  The next week You told me again to visit him.  A couple weeks later I found out that he died.  It’s not for us to wonder why it’s just for us to do or die.