The Answer is “THE LORD” to Every Question

It’s difficult to speak with people who don’t know the Lord because they just don’t understand (yet) that He is Father, He is abundant and everything has to do with Him.  He is the cause of the rain.  When they ask what I hope to get out of something or why I choose something, it’s because I hear the Lord & I want to obey HimI trust Him even if no one understands it, they just don’t hear what He says to us individually.

He’s doing a new work in me & it’s going to turn out beautiful and true.  What’s behind the obvious and the material, ask, “What does God think?”.  Like Corrie ten Book, “What would You have me do in this situation?” (or think in this situation?)

Yesterday, I felt Him prompt me to stop at the deli before work in the morning.  I did and saw a woman that I sit next to at Sunday school!  We joyfully greeted each other.  A few weeks ago, it was such an encouragement for someone to relay how the Lord is leading them to make a big decision and to retire.  I enjoy to listen to Your Voice O my God and Savior!

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