Mountain Climbing

Overflowing well unspeakable joy !
What a Lord, what a Savior, what a Bridegroom,

What a wonderful problem ! What an abundance of soup, food, energy,
friends. I said I don’t want to be vulnerable ha ha. There you go . and vowed to not be afraid. It would be so brave to be vulnerable. So courageous. Wow. I’ll be like a mountain climber, a tightrope walker.  And a timely picture of a steep mountain the Pastor put up in Sunday service.
Submitting myself to Your love and Your great mysterious ability to make things different, improved; about learning about You.  It’s the most natural thing in the world ha ha, like what I do for strangers.  You and I, Lord, sorted it out that night together: I would be kind & welcoming, not scared or worried.  To Love.  You cherish me, You mean good – the Best, I’m the Beloved.  Arms held out, full.  Full of future.