Position Ourselves

Song 2:10-13, (NKJV)

My beloved spoke, and said to me:
“Rise up, my love, my fair one,
And come away.
For lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of singing has come,
And the voice of the turtledove
Is heard in our land.
The fig tree puts forth her green figs,
And the vines with the tender grapes
Give a good smell.
Rise up, my love, my fair one,
And come away!

You have to imagine it first, then it’ll come.  Granted the Spring Season is a given…right?  Must we get right, first?  Be good children as Oswald Chambers says?  Being in line with God’s Words and thoughts.

God is always right and always speaking, it’s just
whether we are positioned to hearing Him correctly and completely.
So I go on Andrew Wommack and the first teaching is on position ourselves, next I
didn’t press anything but Don’t Comprise starts playing under
excellent spirit, he’s talking about Daniel in the lions den! This is
just what is happening at work. Then after that in succession is Be
Bold that’s all about humbling yourself and putting God first.  Try it.



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