All Is Not Lost

*Have you ever experienced disappointment, then God shined His light on the situation and changed your perception?

The Lord told me many times, “All is not lost” when a friendship ended.  There were many bad things that came up during this Christian relationship.  It revealed a lot of spiritual darkness, that I prayed against and asked God for His guidance.  It was a failure.  I thought, how could I have been involved with that darkness?

When a Pastor friend did not receive the speaking invitations he had hoped for and where he thought God had sent him, I said, “All the communications; phonecalls and emails will bear fruit, just not in the way you think.”

Romans 8:28, says, He works all things together for good. God’s word never fails (Isaiah 55:11). Love never fails (1Corinthians 13:8).  If you’re moving, working out of love and belief in our Lord Jesus, He Who is above all things and knows all things, Who was and is and is to come (Rev 4:8), will make fruit grow.

He’ll make a way when there seems no way.