Single Friends

The Lord is your husband says, Isaiah 54:5.

God almighty (El Shaddai); richest on earth and…basically everywhere (Psalm 50:10).  Most beautiful; for Him to create such beauty (Song, Psalm 19:1). Most thoughtful; He gives me things when I don’t even remember telling Him I wanted that.  Always remembers your birthday, your anniversary, shares your heartache and joy.  Delivers you from harm, keeps promises, tireless, never sleeps…

Sure, your friends have earthly husbands, and you wonder, when is my turn?  Maybe they couldn’t handle being along like you can.  Of course, at times you thought you couldn’t handle it.

And I’m sorry that when Isaiah 54:5, was first told to me, I didn’t know You that well, Lord. When You decide to give me an earthly spouse, You’ll tell me and him.  It’ll be our design.  “I delight to do Your will, O my God” Psalm 40:8